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Friendship Resources

Come Sit with Me: How to Delight in Differences, Love through Disagreements, and Live with Discomfort by (In)Courage 

The One Year Daily Acts of Friendship: 365 Days to Finding, Keeping, and Loving Your Friends By Julie Fisk, Kendra Roehl, Kristen Demery

Platonic: How the Science of Attachment Can Help You Make--and Keep--Friends
by Marisa G. Franco PhD



That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs How Do I Make Friends? (With Annie’s Best Friends) - Build Your Board Series (October 5, 2023)


The Best of You with Dr. Alison Cook “Friends on Friendship” 5 episode series, episodes 58-62. 


Proverbs31 Podcast - Friendship Do’s & Don’ts episode:'s-and-don'ts-with-lysa-terkeurst-and-her-bffs



Better Together Become the Godly Friend That You Are Looking For 


Danielle Bayard Jackson Why Female Friendship is So Important / 4 Benefits of Female Friendship.


Dr. Henry Cloud Learn How Important the Quality of Your Friendships Are.

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