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Menopause Resources

Best of You podcast Menopause episode

A conversation between Dr. Alison Cook (PhD) and Dr. Leslie Appiah (OB/Gyn) about women’s health, including menopause, perimenopause, hormone shifts, reproductive health, and ways to empower young women and girls.

DOAC Podcast/Youtube episode on Menopause

This episode of The Diary of a CEO features Dr. Mary Claire Haver, menopause expert, OBGYN and author discussing the myths that have dominated our understanding of menopause for years.

UR menoPAUSE blog

A blog from UR Medicine Menopause and Women’s Health designed to address important advances in our understanding of the biology and management of menopause.

UChicago Menopause Research Initiative

Information about a new international initiative designed to bridge the gap between what menopause researches choose to study and what patients and healthcare providers want to know about menopause.

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